Tohoku University Polarization Analysis Neutron Spectrometer


Instrumental Overview
Tohoku University Polarization Analysis Neutron Spectrometer TOPAN is installed at 6G beam port in the reactor hall of JRR-3. It is owned by Faculty of Science of Tohoku University, and the instrumentation and research team (IRT) is organized by staffs of Faculty of Science, Institute for Materials Research, and Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University.
This spectrometer is opened for users not only in Tohoku University but also in other institute under the selection committee organized by Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), University of Tokyo.
From the end of 2010, the spectrometer is being renewed, in order to use intence polarized neutron beam, a goniometer working under high magnetic field, a new shielding house for neutron devices like a second monochrometer, filters and focussing mirrors etc. We also install a top-loading 4 K closed-cycle cryostat.

Contact person :
ˇˇ Kazuaki Iwasa (kazuaki.iwasa.ifrc (at)
ˇˇˇˇFrontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences, Ibaraki University
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